Craig GarciaBlogging is so much fun and therapeutic at the same time! It is a way for the author to express emotions, feelings and insight as to what the author is thinking. I want to encourage all you bloggers out there to stay focused when blogging. I’ve seen many bloggers who write about what they are feeling or what they are thinking about for that day and the theme of their blog is not congruent. My first tip when blogging is to have the end in mind. Meaning what is your goal of the blog? Who do you want to attract to your blog? Then ultimately, who do you want to do business with?

The reason this is important is because you need to blog to a niche target market. A specific group or groups of people are who you want to attract to your blog. Why? These are the people that you will ultimately do business with. That’s why you can’t blog about just anything. You can’t blog successfully when you are writing about anything that comes to mind for that day! So pick a theme for your blog. Is it going to be helpful tips, is your blog the authority on a specific topic, is your blog inspiration, helpful stories, pick me ups and just stories that you get out there that you think will help other readers through your shared experiences. All of the above and many other themes are all correct and there is not one that is better than the other as they will all attract a specific target market to your blog.

Having the end in mind for your blog will help you direct your theme in a specific direction. Even if you don’t have a product or service to sell, your blog should still have a theme and be targeted to a specific group of people. You never know where this blog will lead. You may find a product or service to recommend to your blog followers or who knows; maybe your blog is turned into a book. Being a blogger, means that you are now an author too!

Now that we have a theme and an end in mind, how do we attract the right readers to our blog? The first thing you can do is to create good titles for your blog. For example if you are blogging about weight loss, a good title might be how to lose weight fast and easy or Weight Loss made easy or 7 tips for fast weight loss. These are just a few examples, but these tips work for all businesses, you just have to be creative when writing your titles. I always recommend writing a title with key words. So think of the key words for your specific target market and then create a title based on those top 30 key words. If we look at the example above, “how to lose weight fast and easy” if you go to, you will find out that lose weight fast is searched 40 to 50 thousand times per month and how to lose weight fast is searched over 100,000 times every month! Now wouldn’t you like to have some of that traffic coming to your website? Why not? It’s free! It doesn’t cost you a single cent write this way. You can still stay true to your blog and your character as an author, while being smart about it too! It is okay to be successful, so go for it!

How to make friends in the blogging community and how to drive traffic to your blog site? The first thing you should do is search for other successful bloggers with a following that have a similar blog theme as yours and make comments on their blog anytime they write a new blog post. Be sure to write nice things about them, their work, how their blog affected or touched you in a certain manner. Compliment them on their work. Be polite. Proper blog etiquette for bloggers who receive comments on their blog is to return the favor and go to your blog and comment on your blog too! This will then get them looking at your blog and the more they visit your blog, the better, right? The easiest way to stay on top of new blog posts is to subscribe to their RSS feed, which gives you constant updates when they have a new post. Don’t be afraid of competition, rather, embrace others work and befriend them. Much more will come out of a friendship than if you bypassed that person because you were afraid of the competition. I have made friends with many people in the industry and they have brought traffic to my site, had me on as guest speaker or guest blogger. We’ve traded links and have quoted each other’s work and used back links to each other’s blog, driving a continuous influx of traffic to each other’s blog. If you provide valuable content, people will respect you for your work and you will attract quality people to you!

Blogging works to drive traffic when used properly. Many little tasks repeated over and over form layers and layers of content out there and the more blogs you put out there with quality content, the more people will read and follow you. The search engines love new content, so write well, stay within your theme, make friends with other bloggers who already have a following and share each other’s work and knowledge and great things will start to happen for you. Blogging is also a way for people to understand who you are; what your passion is and you can showcase your work through your blog. A good blog shows intelligence and people read quality literature! So, always put out your best work! Always!


When I evaluate a company, I look for many crucial elements that will make me and the company I promote, very successful. Recently, I sold my company and was in the process of looking for a company to promote that would give me a long lasting residual income. These are the steps I took when making a decision on what company I was going to put my name on.

The first crucial ingredient is the product. The company you choose to promote must have a quality product that you believe in. You MUST use the product yourself so you have your own story about the products you are promoting. If you are passionate about the product or its results, then your chances of success are even better. The product you promote is heart of your business. Here are some common pitfalls to watch out for when evaluating a company. I’ve heard many marketers tell me that they don’t care about the product; all they care about is the comp plan. I’ve seen these companies come and go faster than you know what. Intellectual property, software, audios, videos and books, can have quality products; however, many of these products have a shelf life because things are changing so fast online.

The second critical element is the company. When I look to promote a company, I want to promote a company that has been around a little while to prove their longevity, yet still have a growth spurt coming. I want a company that is at the bottom of the bell curve and climbing, not one that is already at the top of it. I want a company that has leaders at the top with experience in growing a multi-million dollar company.

The third crucial ingredient is the marketing. Do they have a simple duplicatable system that anyone can do? If you have to be a top salesman to make a deal happen, then that is not duplicatable. You must have a system where, in 5 minutes, you can teach some else to do the exact same thing that you just did. When you have that, you will have other team members duplicating you and hence, helping you to build a huge check.

The fourth key ingredient to picking the right company is the ability to promote the product to a large captive audience. Meaning, is the product something that people are already doing, using or taking? Is there a specific niche within that large captive audience? Watch out for products that you have to convince people to use or take in order to get the benefits. That’s selling and selling is not duplicatable. Be sure that your product is not overpriced for the marketplace. It’s ok if you can find cheaper product, but when comparing apples to apples, you should be right in the mix for pricing. It’s ok to pay a little more for a quality product that produces great results.

The fifth key ingredient is the compensation plan. If you can find a company that can pay a large up front commission and has the potential to build long term residual commission, then you’ve found the best of both worlds. Simple comp plans that are easy to explain make duplication happen. Duplication is the key to success. Be careful of comp plans with loop holes. This is called breakage and companies rely on breakage so they don’t have to pay out the bonuses. A comp plan that is easy to understand is easy to explain. If it is easy to explain, duplication happens.

After reading this article, I hope that your next decision is an informed decision.

P.S. The Independent Review Journal has given one company top reviews.


Craig Garcia

CraigGarciaProfile2It’s official! Craig Garcia, the creator and inventor of the first 100% commission payout program named Easy Daily Cash, later known as EDC Gold & Diamond, has sold the business to James Ward of LGN Revolution. Craig Garcia, along with his partner Michael Corcoran were the first to sell digital downloadable information products as a business opportunity and was so successful in doing it, many others have since follow this successful business model. Craig and Michel were also the first people to bring the 100% commission payout to the marketplace bringing thousands of successful entrepreneurs to our organization.


Craig Garcia is perusing his speaking and writing career and is preparing for the release his new book, “Bet on You”… to get ahead due out at the end of 2009. Craig is a Key Note Speaker for many live events and venues scheduled in 2009 and 2010 and can seen speaking at Empowerment 09’ in August in Raleigh, North Carolina, Breakthroughs 3 in Los Angeles, Ca in October and More Heart than Talent in Dallas, Texas in January 2010. Craig Garcia along with his wife Giovanna Garcia are highly sought after in the speaking circuit and often tour and speak together.


Craig wishes the best of luck to all the wonderful people who were part of his old company and thanks everyone for a great career. Craig has enjoyed the hundreds of hours of teaching Internet Marketing and hopes everyone continues to follow their passion and success in their internet marketing career. We are reminded by a famous quote from Craig that says “Follow your passion in what you are doing” and the money will come to you. Craig hopes that everyone keeps this quote in their thoughts as they continue their passion to better their lives. Remember, this is a journey, not a destination and while this business is simple, it is not always easy. It is the perseverance and persistence that makes a person a great success, not a great salesman that makes them successful in this business. Remember to continue your education as we can always learn more connect with more people. By reaching more and more people, we expand our network of influence, therefore increasing our reach and visibility.

To your success!

Craig Garcia

“Why Capture Pages Don’t Work Anymore…”

So many marketers are using the same way to market their business. Many people have been told to use a capture page to gather prospects information and drip market to them until they opt out or join your business. By the time the expert marketers use an effective method of marketing and it spreads to the masses, it is only a matter of time before that method becomes ineffective! Standard capture page marketing techniques are old and ineffective for most marketers today because most people have been exposed to this method of marketing for many years and they are desensitized to this style of marketing.

One thing I have examined over the last few years is that the top marketers figure out early on what is working and what is not. Those top marketers figure it out early and ask themselves the most important question that keeps them ahead of everyone else. That question is what is the next method of marketing that will work? Many marketers are followers of those marketers who have been there and done that. On one hand, I think that is very smart, because I never want you to try to reinvent the wheel, but on the other hand there is a point where so many people are using this same strategy, that it doesn’t work anymore. people have been bombarded with emails and are on so many people’s lists simply because they wanted to find out some information, that they aren’t willing to give out their information as easy anymore!

People still opt into a capture pages, but I think they are more selective about who and what they opt into now a days; making the lead generation business harder and harder. If it is difficult to generate leads today, how are the marketers supposed to be successful? First of all, the capture page had better be damn good and I had better be getting something for efforts of putting in my info. I had better be getting something of value if I am going to give you my information. I highly recommend that it be more than just a report or an e-book as that style of marketing has been over used too! It had better be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of free gifts, tools, audios, books and reports before people are willing to give out their info.

There is a brand new system that has outsmarted all the other systems out there and is working like a champ, at least for the next few years until this strategy gets saturated too….and it will, because it works…

If you are ready for the super tip of the year, then go to ProspectBlazer dot com and use that system, but please don’t tell everyone about it. Keep it to yourself if you want this strategy to be effective for a long time!


Craig Garcia

Believe in yourselfNow I am going to share with you some insight.  When I first started to understand and study the power of belief, I started doing amazing things. I didn’t understand how powerful I actually was until I understood what I was doing. When I started studying the power of belief this is when I started exceeding the goals that I had set out to do.  Sometimes in life, we set some outrageous goals.  We set goals for money, family, happiness; whatever it might me….We put some outrageous goals on ourselves. Sometimes creating goals creates a little stress and creates a little pressure. For some people it creates that anxiety feeling when your hears starts beating and you’re a little short of breath and your just like “oh my god what did I just do, and how am I going to achieve this, and I don’t know how, but I know I want this… and perhaps, if I say I want this, then I’m putting myself out there for potential disappointment and I’m scared…  Sometimes you can get a little overwhelmed. I understand that, but in order for you to grow as a human being, you need to be able to stretch. Sometimes when you stretch, it will put a little bit of stress or tension or pressure, or anxiety on you. If it didn’t, you couldn’t grow. A muscle grows by lifting weights or putting stress or pressure on the muscle. Do it enough times in a row, consistently over a period of weeks or months and the muscle gets stronger. It is the same for the brain. The brain is a muscle too! Think about this, if it didn’t put stress, pressure, or anxiety on you, then you would be comfortable, right? IF you’re comfortable, you’re in your comfort zone. If you’re in your comfort zone, how in the world can you stretch and grow? Interesting point right? Let me put it to you this way.

I’ve been a slow reader my entire life. I didn’t realize that I could get better at reading just by reading more. The more I read, the better I get at it, the faster I get at it.  The same thing happens with arm curls, working out, losing weight or stretching the mind. For most of us, we’ve been out of school for so long; we think we can’t learn anymore. The truth is, we never stop learning. Some people just put more emphasis on it than others. Those are usually the most successful people. Those are typically the richest people. Those are most likely the happiest people. Not always, I understand, but as a rule, that is most definitely the case. It is the same thing with business. If you are going to go and put stress and tension on your mind or your muscles, you have to be able to put some kind of anxiety, stress, or pressure on your personal growth… grow. Believe in the process and believe in yourself and go for it. You can reach your goals when you believe!

Believe in YourselfI am going to share with you a couple of scenarios about the belief system and what it means to be able to believe in yourself.  Ladies and gentlemen, even if you have an income goal, it’s really coming down to DO you believe yourself, do you believe in yourself, and do you believe that you are actually saying to the universe?  The first thing you have to do is to be able to put things out there.  You might think that writing goals is corny, but ladies and gentlemen if you have ever studied the laws of attraction or how the universe works, you understand how things in life tend to happen and if you want to call on the universe, the universe will respond.

You can call it whatever you want.  Here is what I know, and I know this to be factual and I believe it 1000 percent with every fiber in my body.  This is the direction that you guys need to follow in order to achieve your goals. You have to be able to put out information. You have to be able to put out a goal, whether its verbally, written, or whether you are just telling everybody you are running into that this is what you are going to do and to make it happen…and when you do this, the universe has a funny way of delivering for you ever thing that you need, when you need it and it will all fall into place.  Every contact, every person, every bank loan, every opportunity….Every tool and every element will be placed at right in front of you when you need it. If your eyes are open to seeing it, you will have everything you need to achieve your goals, as long as you verbalize it and put it out there and most importantly, believe 100 percent in it. If you will stop at nothing and I mean nothing until you get your goal, then the universe will help you achieve this. Will there be speed bumps along the way? Of course there will. This is the universe testing you. Trying to separate you from the rest of the people who would just quit, give up on their dreams and say I tried, but it was too hard, or it didn’t work for me. Those are the ones who never make it. Will you make it? Only if you stop at nothing will you make it. No matter how many times you get knocked down. You matter how close you are to losing it all or quitting, those who persevere are the winners in more ways than one! Your end result is what has to keep you going. Remember it is always darkest before it is dawn. That is the magic of believing.

I BelievePeople have built entities around believing and achieving.  I know couple named Hugo & Roxanne, who have a huge blog, a huge following, and are doing fantastic things because of their belief in becoming successful professional bloggers.  All kinds of doors are opening up because they’ve stuck with it, believed in it and they have been able to brand themselves with Believing and Achieving and that is what makes things happen. When you have an imagination, when you have an idea or concept, its one thing to dream, but it’s a whole other thing to have 100 percent faith in it.  Believing is really having the faith, and saying “I want this to happen.” Let’s say for example, you want to make six figures per year. Let’s just use this as a universal example. You might say, “I don’t know how I am going to do it, but I know that I want it….I know that I deserve it.  I believe that I can do it…I have seen a road map for success to get me there. I know if do a, b, and c, I will make 10k per month, which will put me at 120k per yr, which is reaching and achieving my income goal.  You know that it is absolutely 100 percent feasible, so go for it. Shoot for moon, but it has to be realistic. Meaning, someone before you has accomplished this by doing a, b and c. You can’t just say I want to put a rocket ship on my back and fly to the moon.  There is no road map for that.  They don’t make backpack style rocket ships that put people on the moon yet. Bottom line is, you have to be able to see something happen.  You have to be able to see somebody or something that has already been able to achieve these kinds of results.  IF you know that someone else that has done something, and they have already plotted/written out a road map for you to follow and you accomplish a, b and c, then you will get the final result….

That is how world records are broken. They see that someone can run this fast, or jump that far or swim that fast, then someone out knows that if they can do it, I can do it and maybe even better it. This is the pattern from going from great idea of saying I would really like to have this, to absolutely 100 percent have these things.  I know it….I believe in it, every fiber inside of my body says this is what I want, this is what I’m going to do, and nobody is going to stop me until I achieve what I believe. That is why the power is in the magic of believing…and it is so important.